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Cadmus Strategies, combining over 30 years of sports and financial expertise, infusing MARS Coaching, Solar Equity, Financially Fit and CGI Prometheus, have come together to create access to a multi layered strategy called "SMPL" that provides players and their families a financial initiative that gives them the opportunity to eliminate themselves from what Cadmus calls

the "60%".

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The "60%" Challenge

With over 1 billion followers, NBA Professional Basketball is on one the most popular sports in the world consisting of more than 300 players in which the top 25 players this year made over $690 million combined.

Yet with this type of success, we unfortunately see over 60% of these well compensated athletes fall into financial crisis within just 72 months of them leaving their organizations and the league. Finally there is a solution to combat this problem and help ensure the financial futures of players and families.

Cadmus Strategies is an organization that promotes financial fitness programs, designed for the specific challenges of the professional athlete.

Success is not an accident

Success is actually a choice. - Stephen Curry

Cadmus Strategies "SMPL" Process

Using the Cadmus "SMPL" process allows players (both active and retired) the opportunity to 1. Save Money 2. Make Money

3. Protect Money 4. Legacy creation (Generational Wealth)

Save Money

The Cadmus Strategies will first place clients into our Solar Equity solar program that will immediately save them dollars on their federal tax liabilities for the current year and into the future to propel their financial success. This is the first of many financial elevation strategies that shall be implemented with our clients.

Make Money

Creating an opportunity for each player to invest their hard earned funds; Cadmus Strategies provides proven, current, cutting edge investment solutions that will continue to build their net worth and establish a long lasting empire for them for years to come.



Protect Money

There exist multiple options for protecting one's income for financial success. Cadmus Strategies is primed to place our clients into these very situations to protect their family and them from being a victim of the poor management of funds that have placed preceding teammates in financial struggles.


Legacy Creation

Wealth creation shall not be a short term goal for our clients. With the knowledge that Cadmus Strategies possesses, we provide GENERATIONAL wealth creation and sustainable solutions for our clients, allowing for the development of targeted, wealth increasing vehicles for themselves and other causes that they wish to support.


Financial Analysis

The beginning of the "SMPL" process starts with an in depth financial analysis of all aspects of a client's situations. Our goal is to keep our clients out of "The 60%" as well as make them financially fit throughout their careers and beyond. By evaluating the current situation and educating our clients on the next steps is the first major step in financial success.


Concierge Service

Each of our clients will receive intensive 1-on-1 elite concierge service from a highly passionate and driven individual that will be entrenched within each client's situation to provide the most exceptional service that will guarantee a success through the Cadmus Strategies "SMPL" process.


Here are just a few samples of products and programs that Cadmus Strategies team has assisted.

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Majority of NFL, MLB & NBA Players Go Bankrupt Within 5 Years! Here's Why (68M Reads & Counting!)

The average professional athlete in the U.S. will make more in one season than most Bankruptcyof us earn in our entire lives...(yet)] despite those staggering salaries, 78% of NFL players, 60% of NBA players and a very large percentage of MLB players (4x that of the average U.S. citizen) file bankruptcy within five years of retirement. [Let's take a look at] 5 possible reasons why the average athlete is destined to go (quickly) from fame to shame.

Former NBA star Antoine Walker: Life after losing $110 million

Former NBA player, Antoine Walker, 38, earned over $110 million throughout his NBA career, more than four times the average player in the league. All that money, though, didn't stop this All-Star from going broke. Walker's financial problems began his first year in the league as a 19-year-old rookie with the Boston Celtics in 1996. Although he had a financial advisor help him establish a plan for his long-term finances, Walker had other ideas about what he wanted to do with his newfound wealth.

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